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How to delete a file or folder with too long path – LPE Free

Copying and synchronizing files and folders with Iperius Backup or any other backup software, sometimes it might happen the destination path of the files becomes too long to be handled by Windows (in fact, the maximum path length allowed by Windows Explorer is 255/260 characters). When a folder contains files with a path that exceeds the maximum […]


What is Iperius Backup ?

Iperius Backup is a complete and flexible backup software for Windows. Iperius is also available in a freeware edition that can be installed even on server systems, and is a powerful, but yet extremely lightweight and feature-rich software (Download Iperius Backup). Iperius allows to make scheduled and incremental backups to/from numerous devices, including online storage services. […]


How to export and import a backup job in Iperius

Iperius allows to export backup jobs as common text files with the .ibj extension. Thanks to this feature you can import the configuration of a backup to an Iperius installed on another computer. Exporting and importing a backup job is very easy. Below you can see the simple steps to do that. Right click on the backup […]


How to create an FTP account (FTPS/SFTP) in Iperius Backup

Iperius Backup allows to create and configure unlimited FTP accounts to automatically upload files to remote FTP servers or download files and entire websites using FTP, FTPS and SFTP protocols. The possibility to create multiple accounts gives the software a great flexibility, also allowing to create different backup jobs that can be run in parallel […]


How to uninstall Iperius Backup

Iperius Backup installation is extremely easy, fast and lightweight. In fact, only the main application files are installed, without any third party software, like browser toolbars or adware, and without any change to system settings. For the same reasons, uninstalling Iperius is absolutely simple and fast. Iperius can be uninstalled from the Windows Control Panel, because […]


Backup types with Iperius: full, incremental, differential

Iperius is a complete and flexible backup software for Windows. It allows to make many backup types, using various backup modes: full, incremental and differential. The incremental backup allows to optimize backup duration and performance. The first time Iperius copies all files, while the next times, it only copies new or changed files. With Iperius you can […]


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