Iperius Console - Remote backup monitoring

Monitor all the backups remotely in a centralized way
  • Complete solution for MSPs
  • Monitor all your backups from a single web panel
  • Comprehensive reports and error details
  • Management of workgroups, computers and jobs
  • Detailed information on the monitored computers
  • Possibility to run backups remotely
  • Possibility to update Iperius remotely
  • Edit and configure backup schedulings remotely
  • Stop receiving hundreds of emails to check the backups of your clients


(annual subscription for the number of computers to be monitored)

Monitor all backup tasks in one fell swoop

Iperius Backup includes a powerful web monitoring feature for all installations and all backups. The Iperius Console allows you to view the results of backups, see the details of any errors, update the program remotely, and run backups remotely. In addition you have many information to know the status of each PC or server where Iperius is installed.

Monitoring of all computers

In a single and centralized dashboard you can view all servers and workstations where Iperius is installed, control backup jobs and their results. You can see the backup date and time, Iperius version, amount of data, number of copied files and possible errors.

Running of remote tasks

From the Iperius Console you can run one or more backup jobs remotely, without needing to connect to the computer where Iperius is installed. This can be very useful to run again a backup that returned errors. Moreover, you can automatically update Iperius to the latest version on all computers.

Multiuser Management

Create custom users and administrators with different viewing and action permissions. You can create a user who only has access to certain workgroups and can only view them, but cannot run backups or delete items.

Edit backup scheduling remotely

With Iperius Console you can remotely enable, disable, or modify the schedule for all backup operations. An extremely fast and efficient way to have control over all installations, along with the ability to run backups remotely and update Iperius Backup.

Detailed statistics

Thanks to a useful dashboard, you can have a very clear overview of the security status of monitored computers. You can easily view the number of computers and their status, and see if there are any errors or problems in backup operations.

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To help you access information, Iperius Console allows you to filter computers or backup operations based on their name, favorite computers, or errors. This allows you to immediately detect any problems.