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Iperius Backup 3.8.2


Nuove caratteristiche
  • Now the software prevents PC sleeping if there is a backup running
  • Now the software correctly detects the OS version number of Windows 8.1 and Server 2012 R2
  • Incremental backup with multiple copies: Iperius now synchronizes the folders containing incremental backups, deleting previous copies of files.
  • Several improvements and optimizations
Bug risolti
  • Drive image: fixed incorrect error message "backup date is not congruent"
  • Drive image: fixed incorrect error message because of Event ID 24
  • PostgreSQL: fixed a compatibility problem with versions prior to 9.1

Iperius Backup 3.8.1


Nuove caratteristiche
  • Iperius Online Storage: keep you data safe online with the Iperius cloud backup. With FTP and FTPS support, compression and AES client-side encryption. FTP backup starting from 39 € for 50 GB.
  • The Home Premium edition has been renamed in "Desktop" edition, and now includes the cloud backup to Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox.
  • The cloud backup to Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive is now available in the Essential and Desktop editions.
  • Several improvements and optimizations
Bug risolti
  • FTP Client: solved a problem in downloading some folders
  • Oracle: now the installation check for Oracle client tools and RMAN is more accurate
  • FTP upload: fixed a disconnection problem after the copy of the first item when using multiple connection mode
  • Some minor bugs fixed

Iperius Backup 3.7.3


Nuove caratteristiche
  • Several improvements and optimizations
  • Iperius is compatible with Windows 8.1 and Server 2012 R2
Bug risolti
  • FTP Backup: now the bandwidth limitation works correctly even with multiple connections
  • Drive image: fixed a problem in verifying the backup date on NAS devices
  • FTP Client: fixed a problem in directory browsing

Iperius Backup 3.7.2


Nuove caratteristiche
  • FTP backup (upload): speed dramatically improved thanks to the new multiple-connection mode
  • SFTP: new secure protocol (SSH) for remote backups
  • Open file backup (VSS) now in the Home Premium edition
  • Now Iperius can wait up to 8 hours for the completion of external processes
  • Now Iperius can allocate up to 4 GB of memory, to allow tape backups of millions of files
  • New option to filter files by size
  • FTP download: now Iperius makes a further verification based on file size
Bug risolti
  • Fixed some errors in case of FTP disconnection
  • Network authetication is now performed correctly if special variables are used in the item path
  • Solved some problems in file synchronization
  • Now it is possible to add specific exclusions manually even for unreachable items
  • Some minor bugs fixed

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