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Backup of Oracle databases

Iperius Backup is the best software to make backups of Oracle databases, thanks to its unique features: extreme ease of use, high reliability, low resource consumption, the lowest price on the market. It allows in a few simple steps to backup Oracle 9i, 10g and 11g, from any Windows operating system. Iperius can also make backups of the free database Oracle Express Edition (Oracle XE) and the Oracle backup to Cloud and Tape, with integrated compression and encryption.

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Backup Oracle database to Cloud, Tape, FTP, NAS

The great benefit of choosing Iperius Backup as your backup program for Oracle, is to have many options available and many backup types. In a completely automated way, Iperius can transfer the Oracle backup to remote FTP servers, or to Google Drive, Amazon S3, Azure Storage, Dropbox or OneDrive (cloud backup). In order to obtain the maximum security in the data protection, Iperius can encrypt the backup files using the military-level AES 256-bit encryption.

Oracle hot backup (online backup)

Iperius Backup can make hot backups of Oracle (online backup), while the database is open and running, without interrupting any service (ARCHIVELOG mode). All users can continue to work without problems, while Iperius perform automatic backup of the datafiles, archivelogs, and all the other configuration files needed to restore and recover the database.

Oracle backup at the most convenient price

Iperius is the most convenient software to make Oracle backups, since in a single solution you have a great number of backup options, and you can protect unlimited servers and databases, locally and in the network. In a single backup program you have several methods to protect Oracle databases, from the basic RMAN backup to the VSS backup (snapshot).

Native and zip compression, AES encryption

Iperius Backup is able to highly optimize backups of Oracle databases, thanks to the integrated native compression, which directly creates backup files on disk in a compressed format, the zip compression on several destinations (NAS, Cloud, FTP, tape, etc..), and the AES 256-bit data encryption.

Backup verification, email notifications, Iperius Console

Iperius is not a simple database backup software. In fact, it includes several support options to optimize the execution and management of backups, such as verifying the integrity of files, sending e-mail notifications to be informed of the backup result, and the ability to have all reports in a web panel for centralized consultation.

Key features

  • Backup of Oracle databases 9i, 10g, 11g
  • Backup of Oracle XE (Express Edition)
  • Backup of unlimited servers and databases
  • Backup of local servers and servers in the network
  • Automatic backups based on specific days and times
  • Database backup verification
  • Several backup destinations: Cloud, Tape, NAS, FTP
  • Automatic backup of all databases or of individual databases
  • Native compression
  • Custom backup file names
  • Data retention policies: possibility to keep more backup copies
  • Advanced and automatic Rman backup

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