Iperius Console

The simple, affordable and effective solution for centralized security management, for resellers and MSPs. Thanks to Iperius Console it is possible to monitor the Iperius Backup installations and the health status of data protection.

Iperius Console is integrated with the other products of the Iperius suite. Saves time and resources, simplifying the work of monitoring IT infrastructure and customer backups.

Thanks to full integration with Iperius Remote®, you can connect remotely with the monitored computers with a simple click.

Main features

  • Complete solution for MSPs
  • Automatic Remote Desktop connection with Iperius Remote®
  • Comprehensive reports and error details
  • Management of workgroups, computers and jobs
  • Possibility to run backups remotely
  • Possibility to update Iperius remotely
  • Edit and configure backup schedulings remotely
  • PUSH notifications on your smartphone to be immediately informed of backups and system status
  • Real time hardware and software monitoring: Hard Disk, CPU, RAM, Processes, Antivirus, Firewall, etc.

Everything under control

Iperius Backup includes a powerful web monitoring feature for all installations and all backups. The Iperius Console allows you to view the results of backups, see the details of any errors, update the program remotely, and run backups remotely. In addition you have many information to know the status of each PC or server where Iperius is installed.

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Complete control over backup and IT infrastructure

Centralized backup monitoring, with statistics, error notifications and warnings

  • Dashboard with complete statistics on the health of backups
  • Management of Groups and Users with custom access permissions
  • Detailed warnings about backups that are not executed
  • Detailed reports of errors and computer status
  • Also available on Android and iOS
  • Receive PUSH notifications on mobile devices to be immediately informed of the backup result or of any problems on the monitored computers
  • Check the status of backups and customers' computers from any device
Iperius Console App

Iperius Console Plans

Iperius Console 20

39 €/year

Monitor up to


PC / Server

Iperius Console 50

89 €/year

Monitor up to


PC / Server

Iperius Console 100

177 €/year

Monitor up to


PC / Server

Iperius Console 150

264 €/year

Monitor up to


PC / Server

Iperius Console 200

349 €/year

Monitor up to


PC / Server

Iperius Console 350

589 €/year

Monitor up to


PC / Server

Iperius Console 500

789 €/year

Monitor up to


PC / Server

Iperius Console 750

999 €/year

Monitor up to


PC / Server

Key Features

Hardware/software real time monitoring

Iperius Console is a complete and efficient tool for the management of your IT assets, which allows you to check the status of the systems at software and hardware level: you can know if the antivirus and firewall are installed and working, if the disks are at the capacity limit , learn about RAM and CPU usage, and see all processes and their details using a convenient remote task manager.

Automatic remote desktop access

One of the most powerful features of Iperius Console is the fully automatic remote desktop access via Iperius Remote®. Thanks to the integration with the remote support software of the Iperius suite, you can connect in remote desktop to any monitored computer, without the need for any router / firewall configuration. An extremely efficient solution for remote system maintenance.

Monitoring of all computers

In a single and centralized dashboard you can view all servers and workstations where Iperius is installed, control backup jobs and their results. You can see the backup date and time, Iperius version, amount of data, number of copied files and possible errors.

Running of remote tasks

From the Iperius Console you can run one or more backup jobs remotely, without needing to connect to the computer where Iperius is installed. This can be very useful to run again a backup that returned errors. Moreover, you can automatically update Iperius to the latest version on all computers.

Multiuser Management

Create custom users and administrators with different viewing and action permissions. You can create a user who only has access to certain workgroups and can only view them, but cannot run backups or delete items.

Edit backup scheduling remotely

With Iperius Console you can remotely enable, disable, or modify the schedule for all backup operations. An extremely fast and efficient way to have control over all installations, along with the ability to run backups remotely and update Iperius Backup.

Detailed statistics

Thanks to a useful dashboard, you can have a very clear overview of the security status of monitored computers. You can easily view the number of computers and their status, and see if there are any errors or problems in backup operations.

Favorite Computers and Search Filters

To help you access information, Iperius Console allows you to filter computers or backup operations based on their name, favorite computers, or errors. This allows you to immediately detect any problems.

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Remote control software for computers and servers. Remote desktop, remote support and file transfer. Shared list of computers and contacts, management of operators, groups, permissions and connection statistics. Can be installed as a service for unattended access.

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The complete solution for monitoring backups and IT assets. Centralized dashboard, statistics, error detection, possibility of updating, planning and execution of backups remotely, management of groups, users and permissions.

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The best all-in-one backup software to protect PCs, Servers and Virtual Machines. Free backup even for servers. Backup to NAS, USB and RDX drives, Cloud, FTP, LTO. Open file backup (VSS), ESXi and Hyper-V backup, Exchange Server and Exchange Online (Office 365), MySQL and SQL Server databases.

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