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Free backup software

Iperius Backup is one of the best free backup software, also released in commercial editions for those who need advanced backup features for their companies. The freeware version of Iperius Backup allows you to backup to any mass storage device, such as NAS, external USB hard drives, RDX drives, and networked computers. It has comprehensive scheduling and e-mail sending functions. It supports zip compression with no size limit, incremental backup, network authentication and the execution of external scripts and programs.

Key features

  • Backup to any storage device
  • Backup to NAS, RDX, external USB drives, computers on the network
  • Full, incremental and differential backup
  • Automatic backup based on days and times
  • Zip compression with no limitation for size, file number or path length.
  • No size or performance limitation
  • Advanced filters to exclude specific files or folders
  • Automatic network authentication
  • Execution of external scripts and programs
  • Email notifications
  • Portable software freeware
  • Unlimited number of backup jobs
  • Freeware for Windows Server 2019 and Windows 10
  • No expiration

Among the best backup programs

Backup programs are today an essential tool for every company, given the crucial importance of data and above all given the increasingly present cyber threats, first of all those that come from so-called ransomware viruses. The backup, performed correctly, periodically and in multiple destinations and not accessible to viruses, is the best solution to protect the most precious asset of your company from disasters.

In addition to the freeware version, Iperius Backup can be activated in various professional versions for the protection of ESXi and Hyper-V virtual machines, SQL Server or MySQL databases, Exchange mail servers, and drive image backup of entire servers, for disaster recovery and bare metal restore.

Automatic backup (scheduling)

Iperius Backup Free has complete planning functions, so it can make automatic backups based on specific days and times. You can create multiple backup schedules based on days of the month or week and also at different times.

Backup software freeware for Windows Server

Iperius Backup is a backup software freeware that works even on server systems, such as Server 2022, Server 2019, Server 2016, 2008/2003, Server 2012 and SBS. Iperius is a free and professional backup program: reliable, lightweight (very low resource consumption) and portable.

Incremental copy and zip compression

Iperius Backup can back up files and folders to any storage device or across the network, even in incremental or differential mode, and can keep multiple backup copies. It also supports zip compression with no size limit and no file number limit, and can also compress files with paths longer than 255 characters.

Backup reports and email notifications

Iperius Backup keeps a history of all backup operations, creating easy-to-read HTML log files. The free version of Iperius Backup has all the e-mail notification functions of the commercial versions, and allows you to send an email after the execution of each backup, to one or more recipients, and with detailed sending options.

Free Backup Software and Professional Solutions

Iperius is a complete Windows utility for data backup. You can use the Freeware version (also for Windows Server) to back up files to NAS, external disks, RDX drives, etc. without any time limitation - or choose an enterprise version, with plenty of backup functions and advanced features: copy of open files (VSS), Drive Image for disaster recovery, backup of ESXi and Hyper-V virtual machines, SQL Server and MySQL database backup, Exchange Server backup, backup to LTO Tape, backup to Cloud (Google Drive, Amazon S3, etc.), backup to FTP/SFTP . Starting from Iperius Free, a trial of the Full version can be activated to test all the features of the software.

Nelle versioni professionali, Iperius dispone di potenti funzionalità per il backup di macchine virtuali VMware e Hyper-V, includendo anche il backup di ESXi Free e la replica incrementale host to host. Infine, Iperius è uno dei migliori software per il backup di Microsoft 365. Massima efficienza e massima convenienza, grazie alla licenza perpetua e all'assenza di limitazioni: illimitate macchine virtuali, database e account Microsoft Office 365.

Other key features: (premium)

  • Ransomware protection by detecting encrypted files
  • Installation as Windows service
  • Running of multiple and parallel backups
  • Detailed reports
  • Running of external scripts, processes and files, before and after the backup
  • Chaining of backup jobs
  • Special variables to easily customize paths and settings
  • Unlimited backup jobs, unlimited source items, unlimited destinations
  • Quick and automatic Restore of servers, VMs, databases, mailboxes
  • Automatic authentication on network shares
  • Planned and automated execution of each backup job
  • Inclusion and exclusion filters based on file extensions
  • Automatic computer shutdown after backup
  • Backup procedures compliant with GDPR regulations (Maggiori Informazioni)


Iperius Backup Free has some limitations that should be evaluated when using the software at the enterprise level. First, the freeware version cannot be installed as a service and cannot make file synchronization (deletion from the destinations of the files that no longer exist in the source folders). Finally, it hasn't all the advanced backup types available in the commercial editions: Tape backup (DAT, LTO, etc..), backup to Cloud (OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive), remote backup FTP, backup of databases and Drive Image backup (disaster recovery). For the Free edition no technical support is provided.

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Iperius is one of the best backup programs, thanks to its stability and reliability guaranteed by millions of installations around the world. With decades of experience in data protection and security, Iperius Backup can be considered the best software for backing up data on Windows systems.

Do you need advanced features like Drive Image, Cloud backup like Google Drive or Amazon S3, backup of databases and backup of VMware ESXi or Hyper-V virtual machines ?

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Focus on advanced backup features

Iperius Backup is a comprehensive and flexible backup software designed for Windows, offering a wide range of advanced features. These include drive imaging backup, which is fully compatible with Windows Backup and can be used to completely restore the system.

Iperius also supports backup of VMware ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines, database backup, Exchange and Microsoft 365 backup, and cloud backup. Additionally, Iperius can be integrated with a powerful console that allows monitoring of all backups from an easy-to-use web panel.

Iperius MSP Console: Allows you to monitor all backups from an easy-to-use web panel, check logs and any errors, perform a backup operation, modify backup schedules, or remotely update Iperius to the latest version.

Iperius Backup Free

Iperius Remote Desktop

Here is a list of advanced features of Iperius Backup:

  • Drive Image Backup - Create disk images in VHD/VHDX format for complete system recovery.
  • VMware ESXi Backup and Replica (including vSphere Free Hypervisor) and Microsoft Hyper-V: Performs hot backup of virtual machines with one of the most cost-effective licensing policies in the world.
  • Database Backup: Protects virtually any database, including SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, and PostgreSQL.
  • Automatic backup based on days and times.
  • Exchange and Microsoft 365 Backup: Provides a powerful set of features for backing up and restoring Exchange mail servers and can backup unlimited email accounts hosted on Exchange Online (Microsoft 365).
  • Cloud Backup: Send your files (automatically compressed and encrypted) to popular online storage services such as Google Drive, Google Cloud Storage, Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Dropbox, OneDrive, OneDrive For Business, and any S3-compatible storage.
  • Perpetual license, no limitations, and the best value for price and features ratio.

Discover the Iperius Suite

Remote control software for computers and servers. Remote desktop, remote support and file transfer. Shared list of computers and contacts, management of operators, groups, permissions and connection statistics. Can be installed as a service for unattended access.

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The complete solution for monitoring backups and IT assets. Centralized dashboard, statistics, error detection, possibility of updating, planning and execution of backups remotely, management of groups, users and permissions.

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The best all-in-one backup software to protect PCs, Servers and Virtual Machines. Free backup even for servers. Backup to NAS, USB and RDX drives, Cloud, FTP, LTO. Open file backup (VSS), ESXi and Hyper-V backup, Exchange Server and Exchange Online (Office 365), MySQL and SQL Server databases.

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