Iperius is the most complete cloud backup software. In addition to its Online Storage service accessible via FTPS, it allows you to perform backups to SFTP servers, backup to Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure Storage, backup to Google Drive, backup to Dropbox and OneDrive. A single license to send files and folders on any remote storage space, with compression, AES 256 bit encryption, custom filters and bandwidth limitation.

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Backup to Google Drive

Main features

  • Backup to Google Drive, Amazon S3, Azure Storage, OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, Dropbox
  • Backup to Minio and any other S3 compatible storage
  • Incremental FTP backup and synchronization
  • Compatible with any FTP/FTPS/SFTP server
  • Absolute security with SSL and AES 256 bit client-side encryption
  • Copy of in-use or locked files (VSS)
  • FTP backup to NAS
  • Protezione dai Ransomware

Complete solution

Iperius is a versatile and feature-rich utility for uploading and downloading files. In addition to backup to any cloud and S3 service, Iperius allows you to automatically download and upload files to any FTP server, even with synchronization. This also allows you to use it to periodically update websites or automatically back them up locally.

Iperius Storage®
Il servizio dedicato e sicuro per lo storage in cloud con supporto FTPS e S3 su datacenter TIER III e IV, ISO 27001

Cloud, FTP, S3

Protect your data from theft, natural disasters and ransomware viruses

  • Backup to Cloud - Unlimited FTP destinations
  • FTP backup compatible with any FTP server - Secure FTPS protocol
  • Backup su Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Azure Storage, Amazon S3, Wasabi, Backblaze, Aruba Cloud, IBM Cloud e qualsiasi storage compatibile S3
  • FTP synchronization (mirror copies with deletion of obsolete files)
  • Automatic copy of files and folders to FTP
  • Zip compression to FTP - Secure AES 256-bit encryption
  • Flexible and granular backup retention policies
  • Full backup and incremental backup
  • Bandwidth limitation
  • Automatic upload of websites (Wordpress, Joomla, etc...)
  • Scheduling of automatic backups
  • Filters to exclude specific files or folders
  • Parallel transfers to multiple FTP servers
  • Automatic reconnection in case of line problems
Iperius Console App

Key features

FTP backup and Cloud (remote backup)

Iperius Backup is a versatile program for remote data backup. In addition to backup on cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Amazon S3, Azure Storage, Dropbox and OneDrive, Iperius also has very flexible and complete FTP backup functions. The FTP backup can also be used to perform automatic upload of web sites and transfer multiple files to FTP servers using secure FTPS protocol.

Incremental backup FTP / Synchronization

Iperius can perform automatic transfers of files and folders to any FTP server, using full or incremental backup type. The program can in fact retain multiple backup copies and update at each backup only new or changed files. You can copy files to FTP server exactly reconstructing the local directory tree (direct copy), or make a zip compression before transfer. It is also possible to make the synchronization, so delete from FTP server those files no more existing in the local folders (mirroring via FTP).

FTP backup with compression and encryption

Iperius Backup allows you to achieve maximum efficiency and maximum order in the remote FTP backup. It can compress files and folders in one or more zip files, keeping a predefined number of backup copies. Zip files are updated in rotation at each backup. In addition, you can protect your backups with a password or even encrypt the entire backup using the AES 256-bit encryption, for a total security of your data.

Integrated Cloud Backup

Iperius is the best cloud backup software, starting from only € 29 (Desktop edition). In the Advanced editions you can make database backups on cloud, like for example SQL Server backup to Azure Storage, MySQL backup to Dropbox or Amazon S3, in a fully automated way. The numerous options allow to highly customize your backup jobs, to make online backups always with the maximum efficiency.

Automatic upload of websites

Iperius is a software for FTP transfers very flexible and versatile, and for this you can use it for special upload functions, such as automatic updating of websites. A very useful tool for webmasters and web developers who manage several sites and want to update them with a simple click. You can update all the pages of a Wordpress blog or Joomla portal in a matter of minutes and in a completely automated way.

Centralized online backup for clients:

Iperius Backup is the best software to configure online backup strategies for clients or for all the workspaces of a big company. The ability to centralize all backups in a single FTP server, is particularly useful for resellers and IT service companies, who can offer a remote backup service for their customers at a very low cost. The FTP upload functions can also be used to send backups over the network or to NAS servers accessible from the Internet.

FTPS: secure protocol over SSL

Iperius Backup pays special attention to data security. In addition to the zip file encryption, you can also use the secure FTPS protocol (FTP over SSL), which transmits data through a secure channel and therefore not interceptable by hackers and malicious software. This allows you to use Iperius in full compliance with all applicable data protection and privacy laws.

Bandwidth limitation and scheduled backups

Among the many options available to configure the FTP backup, we also have the ability to limit the bandwidth used for the transfer. This allows you to make FTP uploads without taking up all the internet bandwidth, such as limiting the transfer speed at only 30 or 60 KB/s. The FTP backup can also be scheduled to be performed in specific days and times, such as during the night or during the weekend.

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Remote control software for computers and servers. Remote desktop, remote support and file transfer. Shared list of computers and contacts, management of operators, groups, permissions and connection statistics. Can be installed as a service for unattended access.

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The complete solution for monitoring backups and IT assets. Centralized dashboard, statistics, error detection, possibility of updating, planning and execution of backups remotely, management of groups, users and permissions.

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The best all-in-one backup software to protect PCs, Servers and Virtual Machines. Free backup even for servers. Backup to NAS, USB and RDX drives, Cloud, FTP, LTO. Open file backup (VSS), ESXi and Hyper-V backup, Exchange Server and Exchange Online (Office 365), MySQL and SQL Server databases.

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