Iperius Backup 6.3.1


New features
  • Exchange Online Backup (Office 365): new option to include archive mailboxes
  • Improved interface to configure zip file encryption and password protection.
  • New warning message from traybar icon if there are backups "not completed"
  • Updated OneDrive backup tutorial to resolve "Service Not Available" error
  • Iperius Remote: new apps for iOS and Android: https://www.iperiusremote.com/news.aspx
Fixed bugs
  • Restore from OneDrive: fixed a problem in browsing remote folders
  • Fixed some "access denied" errors in writing configuration files when Iperius was not run with elevated privileges
  • Backup Drive Image: solved an error in backing up MBR disks.

Iperius Backup 6.3.0


New features
  • Restore individual files from VMware ESXi virtual machine backups: now you can explore .VMDK files or specific incremental and differential backups of virtual machines (.IBD files) and quickly recover individual files or folders.
  • Amazon S3: now Iperius supports backup even on buckets with permission restrictions, or to use credentials that allow to access only a single bucket
  • Exchange Online Backup (Office 365): improved stability and performance
  • Exchange Online Backup (Office 365): now you can choose whether to backup to .PST files or individual .EML files.
  • Iperius Console: now you can enable PUSH notifications for each backup operation.
  • Iperius Console: now you can automatically connect in remote desktop to monitored computers, using Iperius Remote.
Fixed bugs
  • Restore from Google Drive: fixed a blocking problem that occurred a few times by entering a folder
  • Backup Exchange: fixed an issue in creating the list of mailboxes
  • Some minor problems corrected

Iperius Backup 6.2.5


New features
  • Several improvements and optimizations
Fixed bugs
  • Backup to Amazon S3: solved a problem when uploading very large files
  • Hyper-V Backup: fixed a problem in copying locked files on some systems
  • Backup to Dropbox: some connection problems solved
  • Exchange Server Backup: solved a problem in truncating the logs when they were on a different drive
  • Some minor bugs fixed

Iperius Backup 6.2.4


New features
  • Drive Image: now you can also clone removable USB and Firewire drives
  • Several improvements and optimizations
Fixed bugs
  • Fixed a startup error in Cloud backup
  • Fixed an error in backing up Exchange mailboxes in case of special characters in the account name
  • Restore individual files from drive image backups: system partitions were incorrectly displayed
  • ESXi Backup: problem solved in checking the file size
  • SQL Server Backup: fixed a connection problem in some specific cases
  • Some minor problems fixed

Iperius Backup 6.2.2


New features
Fixed bugs
  • Fixed a bug in selecting accounts for network authentication in Windows Drive Image
  • Some minor issues fixed

Iperius Backup 6.2.1


New features
  • Drive Image: the configurations of the Iperius drive image and the Windows drive image have need unified in a single wizard
  • Backup job configuration: now the destinations already inserted for the items are shown in the destination panel
  • Recovery drive creation: now you can choose whether to automatically format the drive
  • Copying files to local or network destinations: added a new comparison method by file size
  • Email notifications: added support for TLS 1.1 and 1.2 protocols
Fixed bugs
  • Email notifications: fixed some connection problems with the Office 365 SMTP server
  • Ransomware protection: fixed a problem in checking .rar files
  • Fixed a decoding error for dates in Hungarian format
  • Fixed some problems in the creation of the recovery drive

Iperius Backup 6.2.0


New features
  • Iperius Drive Image: improved compatibility with some systems
  • Cloud backup: several improvements and optimizations
  • Backup on Google Cloud Storage: full support reintroduced
Fixed bugs
  • Backup on Google Drive: some connection errors resolved
  • Recovery drive creation: errors solved on some systems
  • SQL Server transaction logs backup: an error in the checking the recovery model has been solved
  • Some minor bugs fixed

Iperius Backup 6.1.0


New features
  • Iperius Drive Image: added support for backup and restore of dynamic disks (software raid)
  • Restore of individual files from image backups (VHD / VHDX): now you can explore the different partitions of an image backup
  • Local or network copy and zip compression: added the ability to keep previous incremental and differential backups for a predetermined number of days.
  • Execution of external processes: now the paths stored in the configuration files are encrypted and it will therefore be necessary to save the configuration again
  • Several improvements and optimizations
Fixed bugs
  • Iperius Drive Image: solved error "file in use by another process" on some systems
  • Hyper-V Backup: fixed some errors in copying state files (.vsv, .bin, .vmrs, .vmgs)
  • Hyper-V Backup: fixed a problem with locked files in backup through the network
  • Exchange backup: fixed a problem of incorrect verification of the .PST file even if the backup was completed successfully
  • FTP backup: fixed some compatibility problems with UTF-8 / Unicode characters
  • Fixed some problems in creating the Iperius recovery drive
  • Fixed some problems in Cloud backup
  • Fixed some problems in anti ransomware file checking
  • Some minor bugs fixed

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